For more than twenty years, LICS has supplied its customers with more than copiers, printers, and scanners. We are a full line office equipment company, a trusted provider of HP, Kyocera, Copystar product lines and network solutions, backed by a solid guarantee, fast and friendly service, and incredible sourcing capabilities. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence.  We carry complete product lines from Hewlett Packard, Kyocera, Copystar, and Canon.

Rental Copiers

Are you looking for a short term rental copier? we have a selection of MFP's that range from 30 cpm to 60 cpm. If it is just for one day or six months, we can rent you what you need. If you are having a large event and need three 50 cpm machines fully networked, no problem at all. In fact we just did a major event by NY Raising at a Plainview Hotel location. We were the only company on Long Island that was able to supply three 50 cpm machines within two days!  

Leasing a copier

We will come out to your office and get exact meter readings and find out exactly what your monthly/yearly volume is or what it may be projected to be. With this magic number, we will be able to provide you with the best lease choice available for you. You will never get a more honest solution to your copier needs than you will receive from us. At LICS, our customers come first, always with you in mind, we pledge to sell you the best fit MFP lease that fits your business needs. 

Service contracts

We provide full service contracts for everything we sell, we will provide contracts even if you bought the machine online from the internet or through another dealer, one of our courteous technicians will come to your site, free of charge and look over your equipment, at that time the technician will let you know what condition your machine is in and will offer you options. We are just happy to have you as a customer!

Network Experts

We have Network experts on Kyocera and Canon , if your IT support can not solve an network issue or if you do not have an IT support company, we have experts that can manage your server or set up a new network, they can run cables, set up a wireless office and complete your total network. Just give us a call and we can give you a free quote.



Long Island Copier Sales

We carry a full line of new and refurbished laser printers. We have a complete selection of HP laser-jet printers and Kyocera laser printers. black&white or color, we have what you need.


Long Island Laser Printer Sales & Service

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Laser Printers

About Us

We sell refurbished HP LaserJet printers

You all know by now that they are not making HP printers the way they use to make them,  so what we did was we took the HP flagship printer, the HP LaserJet 4250N and choose this machine to be our special refurbished printer to sell. Look at the work we do on every refurbished printer, we use only genuine HP parts, we even replace or custom paint the printer to be the exact uniform color as if it was when bought new! I have seen many so called refurbished printers and I can honestly say, nobody refurbishes them like we do, every printer gets the same process, they even leave our shop with the latest and greatest firmware! all backed up by a one year warranty!

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LICS offers a variety of standard warranties, extended warranties, on-site services and connected equipment contracts based on the type of product you purchased.

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At LICS, we know your MFP copier is the backbone of your business, which is why we offer services that no other company can offer like after hours and weekend service and three hour response time.

Because of the pivotal role we play in your business, LICS is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the products we sell to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you. 


Maintaining your existing copier with genuine  parts and if unavailable through normal distribution channels. We carry end of life, discontinued, and Obsolete parts. 

Full line of Kyocera copiers.

Full line of Copystar copiers.

Full line of Canon copiers

HP copiers

Sharp Copiers